Steebness Incoming Saturday, Aug 22 2009 

Dear Steebites:

OK, so it’s neen a long time since I last posted… stop staring at me! The Penguins.. THE PENGUINS! Ahem.

I’m back, with vids, LEGO, funny pics, vacation news, and whatever else comes to mind. Except penguins.

Teh Summer

Steeb, Meebz, and Binks-Dad all went to Missouri. We boiled, went to water-parks & museums, and got to enjoy the fine dining of my new favourite restaurant– Quick Trip (QT) Gas Stations! Sniff.. I miss them so much! Many refreshing liquids and foodstuffs and sugar-based candy!

22-08-2009 1-14-56 PMDoesn’t it look wonderful? Ah, QT, I miss you already…

Music Videos

Like Meebz, my taste in music is a bit different now– I really like soul/ funk artist Gnarls Barkley these days. Catchy lyrics, great music, amazing voice.

Gnarls Barkley – Crazy

and another awesome song…

Gnarls Barkley – Going on

Check him out– you won’t be disappointed.

Funny Vids

My brother and I love Nigahiga. He’s posted a couple of vids– heres’ two more I really like.

How to be Emo (nigahiga)

Movies In Minutes – New Moon

This guy & his friends have a gift for comedy, and having fun while recording their home-movies. They’re actually an internet sensation, just from these cool little stories. Check it out. Binks-Dad says he hope they get a TV-show from it or something.

Further Amusements

The Penguins! THE PENGUINS!

The Penguins! THE PENGUINS!

Kitty With A 'Tude

Kitty With A 'Tude

Funny Vid

While we were in the U.S., we went shooting at a public gun range. I used a .22, and by my second trip, hit bulls-eyes. This video came to mind, because my Grampa has a replica German sub-machinegun along with his real rifles and stuff.

Machine Gun Granny

After we watched Rambo: First Blood, Binks Dad gave us the giggles when he did an imitation of Stallone, and said “Yo.. ‘m gonna shoot him in the toodles.”

Lego Goodness

How’s about a William Wallace in Lego? “Freedom!”


One more way to kill Jar Jar


That’s it for now, Steebites__ O promise to try and update every week or so this Fall, as long as the penguins allow me to.



Finally, Fresh Steebness! Sunday, Feb 15 2009 

Hello, Steebites:

Sorry for no recent posting.. my Dad’s fault, or.. er– something like that.

Topic 1: DMX & Johnny Cash.

dmxprayI like the rapper DMX (real name: Earl Simmons). He’s Christian, but has some battles in his life. He’s been cruel to animals, has drug problems, and is fighting hard to become a better person, and Christian.

To prove he’s not all bad & a Christian, one of his albums is titledFlesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood‘. His most Christian song is ‘Lord Give Me A Sign‘:

Lord Give me a Sign!
I really need to talk to you Lord
Since the last time we talked the walk has been hard
Now I know you haven’t left me
But I feel like I’m alone
Im a big boy now but I’m still not grown
And I’m still goin through it
Pain and the hurt
Soaking up trouble like rain in the dirt
And I know!
Only I can stop the rain
Wit’ just the mention of my Savior’s name

I do feel sorry for him, and hope he does well in his struggles– he’s not one of those who say sorry and go right back to what they were doing before.

Speaking of troubled singers, DMX is like Johnny Cash, who also had drug and other problems, but he said sorry to God over and over, and got over his problems. His music is full of spiritual themes, and in the end he lived a good life. He was 71 when he died, not long after he recorded this version of “Hurt”, by the Nine Inch Nails.

The other of his songs that shows his Christian side is his song ‘When The Man Comes Around‘:

My Dad gave me this quote: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” That’s by Plato the Philosopher. DMX and Johnny Cash show us how to get through our battles and troubles: keep on keeping on.

Teh Other Stuffs


Here’s Steeb’s rapper of the week: Method Man! I like him because of the style of rap he does, and the lyrics are good.. even if teh music videos are strange.

And for your LEGO Of The Week, I found this for a late Valentine’s Day picture, for Steeb to you:

"Be My Valentine!"

"Be My Valentine!"

That’s it for now From WorldWide Steeb HeadQuarters™ .. write with your ideas, and let me know what you think of my blog.

S To Tha T To Tha E!



Hippy New Ear! Tuesday, Jan 6 2009 

The Steeb wishes all of you a happy New Year, AD 2009.

I had a great Christmas, and my family celebrates the 12 Days of Christmas– for all of you rip-n-tear people, that means we have Christmas Eve & Day presents & a stocking. Then we open presents for the next 11 days! Today I got my Epiphany present: a silver cross & chain, and lots of candy. Plus a manly jewelry box to keep my bling in– chains, watch, earrings, cross, etc.

Just a quick posting today: rapper Lil Jon.

And a Lego tapestry picture from here:


Buh-bye for now, and go Israel, go!

S To Tha T To Tha E


A Happy & A Merry! Thursday, Dec 25 2008 

Unto us a Son is given

“The Sistine Madonna” by Raphael, circa 1512-1514

Is this an angel captured on camera?
‘I look at things differently than I used to – because I know God is in control’

Is this a photo of an angel?

Fresh Steebness! Thursday, Dec 11 2008 

Good Morning, it’s Steeb again!

Here at Steeb HQ, I have a new thing going on, called R & S of the week (kinda like Lego of the week). Rapper & Songs of the Week!


Today, our first try-out is by rapper Busta Rhymes, and three of my favourite songs as done by him: Arab Money, We Made It, and Bounce.

On the song ‘Arab Money’ — I think it it is unjust and unfair that Busta Rhymes has gotten in trouble from militant Muslims for singing a song with no offensive meaning to anyone. It’s really sad to read that DJ suspended for playing Busta Rhymes’ “Arab Money” .. it’s just a song, people! Get over it! Sometimes it looks like England is becoming a crybaby country full of whiny little flower-pickers. Check out the unspeakably scary song yourself:

We Made It

That’s it for now. Coming up next.. A Steeb ‘About’ Page, with my favourite music, games, condiments, cars, actors, and shoe-sizes.



Steeb’s Remembrance Day Poems Tuesday, Nov 11 2008 


Poem 1

From the gun to the bullet

to the man to the ground

to the blood-stained poppies all around

here in Flander’s Fields.

Poem 2

It must have been hard

to see your friends fall

in the fields, all in all

But when the battle is done

We’ll go away

but leave the fallen

here to say, in Flander’s Fields.

~ The Steeb, 2007.

In loving memory of Grenville Stanley, George Kierstead, and Paul Walsh.

Steeb Gets Wordled! Tuesday, Nov 11 2008 

Hello, Steebiacs!

Binks-Dad showed me this site. Add words, click button. Makes pretty.


Click pic to embiggen it

Wisdoms Of Steeb

In other news.. Obama has been President-elect for almost a week: so far, the houses are still here, we haven’t run out of food, and our pets aren’t dead. But give him some time! The worst that could happen is that the world might asplode into a million pieces, the economy might crash, and we’ll all be living in cardboard boxes. I’m upset that McCain didn’t win, and I wish he had. If Obama didn’t run a dirty campaign with his ACORN™ and “real people”, he probably wouldn’t have won.


Home, Sweet Home?

For more U.S. Electionism, here’s some South Park for you political junkies to enjoy.

Episode 1212 – About Last Night

Um.. what next.. right: Lego Of The Day!™ This time, from The Matrix, one of the cool hover-ships (though I thought they were grey?), from The Brothers Brick website.

3017071476_880a7157bb_oThat’s it for now.

S to tha T to tha E

A Lot Like Christmas? Thursday, Oct 16 2008 

I love Winter, and Christmas, and can’ wait to go sledding. You can have snow-ball wars, dig forts and trenches, jump off the deck into the snow.. and do all that other stuff we can’t do at school.

The Steeb is probably the first to wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. Ahead of the curve, as always. 🙂

Lego Of The Day

Bye for now!

The Canadian Election & Stuff Wednesday, Oct 15 2008 


I’m my Dad’s son, so I have lots of opinions.

I’m glad that Harper won the election. Blue rules! I can’t wait until I can vote.

The other day i saw a funny Corner Gas clip with Primae Minister Harper.

This is funny, too

Rick Mercer’s Sleepover with Stephen Harper

Lego For The Day

For you Aliens I-XXVII lovers out there :

Perfect for the Kid In U Saturday, Oct 4 2008 

Hey, Steebites:

All South Park Episodes online, ever.

Really awesome Lego add-ons, from Brick Arms. My Dad bought a bunch of these for me and my evil brother.

Will write more sooner or not so sooner,

Steeb ‘To Tha S To Tha T’

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