A Happy & A Merry! Thursday, Dec 25 2008 

Unto us a Son is given

“The Sistine Madonna” by Raphael, circa 1512-1514

Is this an angel captured on camera?
‘I look at things differently than I used to – because I know God is in control’

Is this a photo of an angel?


Fresh Steebness! Thursday, Dec 11 2008 

Good Morning, it’s Steeb again!

Here at Steeb HQ, I have a new thing going on, called R & S of the week (kinda like Lego of the week). Rapper & Songs of the Week!


Today, our first try-out is by rapper Busta Rhymes, and three of my favourite songs as done by him: Arab Money, We Made It, and Bounce.

On the song ‘Arab Money’ — I think it it is unjust and unfair that Busta Rhymes has gotten in trouble from militant Muslims for singing a song with no offensive meaning to anyone. It’s really sad to read that DJ suspended for playing Busta Rhymes’ “Arab Money” .. it’s just a song, people! Get over it! Sometimes it looks like England is becoming a crybaby country full of whiny little flower-pickers. Check out the unspeakably scary song yourself:

We Made It

That’s it for now. Coming up next.. A Steeb ‘About’ Page, with my favourite music, games, condiments, cars, actors, and shoe-sizes.