Dear Steebites:

OK, so it’s neen a long time since I last posted… stop staring at me! The Penguins.. THE PENGUINS! Ahem.

I’m back, with vids, LEGO, funny pics, vacation news, and whatever else comes to mind. Except penguins.

Teh Summer

Steeb, Meebz, and Binks-Dad all went to Missouri. We boiled, went to water-parks & museums, and got to enjoy the fine dining of my new favourite restaurant– Quick Trip (QT) Gas Stations! Sniff.. I miss them so much! Many refreshing liquids and foodstuffs and sugar-based candy!

22-08-2009 1-14-56 PMDoesn’t it look wonderful? Ah, QT, I miss you already…

Music Videos

Like Meebz, my taste in music is a bit different now– I really like soul/ funk artist Gnarls Barkley these days. Catchy lyrics, great music, amazing voice.

Gnarls Barkley – Crazy

and another awesome song…

Gnarls Barkley – Going on

Check him out– you won’t be disappointed.

Funny Vids

My brother and I love Nigahiga. He’s posted a couple of vids– heres’ two more I really like.

How to be Emo (nigahiga)

Movies In Minutes – New Moon

This guy & his friends have a gift for comedy, and having fun while recording their home-movies. They’re actually an internet sensation, just from these cool little stories. Check it out. Binks-Dad says he hope they get a TV-show from it or something.

Further Amusements

The Penguins! THE PENGUINS!

The Penguins! THE PENGUINS!

Kitty With A 'Tude

Kitty With A 'Tude

Funny Vid

While we were in the U.S., we went shooting at a public gun range. I used a .22, and by my second trip, hit bulls-eyes. This video came to mind, because my Grampa has a replica German sub-machinegun along with his real rifles and stuff.

Machine Gun Granny

After we watched Rambo: First Blood, Binks Dad gave us the giggles when he did an imitation of Stallone, and said “Yo.. ‘m gonna shoot him in the toodles.”

Lego Goodness

How’s about a William Wallace in Lego? “Freedom!”


One more way to kill Jar Jar


That’s it for now, Steebites__ O promise to try and update every week or so this Fall, as long as the penguins allow me to.