First Things Second Sunday, Sep 14 2008 


Hello, my name is Steeb.

A tween from Steebland.

I’m writing this (Steeb) blog because I (Steeb) want to express what I think is cool, and what I think is right and wrong. And stuff.

From Tha S To Tha T,


P.S. Two cool vids I like a lot:

Lego Of Tha Day

Did You Ever Have One of ‘Those’ Days?


Xzibit Rocks Saturday, Sep 13 2008 

My Dad– some of you might know him as The Mighty Binkster— likes to call it ‘Crap Music’. Oh well, he’s my geezer Dad. I love rap music, even if every third word is @$#*&! or *&%.. I just don’t listen to those bits.. I like it anyway.

See ya later,

Steeb ‘To Tha S To Tha T’

My Fave Rapper

My Fave Rapper