Steeb’s Remembrance Day Poems Tuesday, Nov 11 2008 


Poem 1

From the gun to the bullet

to the man to the ground

to the blood-stained poppies all around

here in Flander’s Fields.

Poem 2

It must have been hard

to see your friends fall

in the fields, all in all

But when the battle is done

We’ll go away

but leave the fallen

here to say, in Flander’s Fields.

~ The Steeb, 2007.

In loving memory of Grenville Stanley, George Kierstead, and Paul Walsh.


Steeb Gets Wordled! Tuesday, Nov 11 2008 

Hello, Steebiacs!

Binks-Dad showed me this site. Add words, click button. Makes pretty.


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Wisdoms Of Steeb

In other news.. Obama has been President-elect for almost a week: so far, the houses are still here, we haven’t run out of food, and our pets aren’t dead. But give him some time! The worst that could happen is that the world might asplode into a million pieces, the economy might crash, and we’ll all be living in cardboard boxes. I’m upset that McCain didn’t win, and I wish he had. If Obama didn’t run a dirty campaign with his ACORN™ and “real people”, he probably wouldn’t have won.


Home, Sweet Home?

For more U.S. Electionism, here’s some South Park for you political junkies to enjoy.

Episode 1212 – About Last Night

Um.. what next.. right: Lego Of The Day!™ This time, from The Matrix, one of the cool hover-ships (though I thought they were grey?), from The Brothers Brick website.

3017071476_880a7157bb_oThat’s it for now.

S to tha T to tha E